So Close, And Yet So Argh

Authors, please trust your readers to fill in the uneventful crannies in the story. It’s what keeps their brains busy. If you have an important scene at a school, and then later something plotty happens at the hero’s home …

You could write:

  1. The school scene
  2. The hero gets into the car
  3. The hero drives home
  4. The hero gets out of his car
  5. The hero walks from his car into his home
  6. The hero tootles around his house for a while
  7. Maybe the hero will go for a quick run before dinner!
  8. And take a shower after, of course
  9. The home scene

But I would love you more if you wrote:

  1. The school scene
  2. The home scene

Yes, this is about a particular book. No, I’m not going to rag on it here.

For a book that does a good job of keeping near-real-time narrative interesting, try Wool.

One thought on “So Close, And Yet So Argh

  1. I remember noticing just how much time Tom Cruise spends getting from point A to point B in Risky Business. I realized that we have moved on from the ’80s.

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