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Weekly Links Roundup 5/31

Did you know you can go to jail if you don’t return library books? Well, you can if you hoard over 10,000 of them, like Gustav Hasford. (Rodcorp)

This academic article on the self-treatment of writers’ block is surprisingly readable. (Futility Closet)

An angry (and funny) birder reviews all the state birds and recommends better picks. (The Birdist)

9. Florida.  Official state bird: Northern Mockingbird

I am finishing this post the next day because I had to go buy a new computer after I threw my last one out the window when I read that Florida’s state bird was the Northern Mockingbird.  I cannot think of a lamer choice.  What’s their state beverage, A Half Glass of Warm Tapwater?

What it should be: American Flamingo

Bill Watterson’s commencement speech for Kenyon College touches on what it means to be creative and what it means to have a fulfilling life. (Brain Pickings)

Directions for persons learning to write” is an extremely-legible instruction set from the latter half of the 19th century — and it’s about handwriting, not language. (The Vault at Slate)

Finally, this article tracing the evolution of the typewriter in pictures shows us a history that’s both beautiful and surprising. The first commercial model was called the Hansen Writing Ball (for obvious reasons). (io9)

Hansen writing ball, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

Can be used for typing or as a dashing chapeau.

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